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PrOps is the perfect connection between daily business operations and project management. Having two different systems to work with is always a hassle as it drains time and causes problems to appear way too frequently. PrOps resolves those problems by connecting both worlds in a simple and intuitive way, allowing you to remain relaxed and safe time unlike ever. Unite Jira® and OTRS and feel the difference.


    • Gadget for viewing OTRS tickets on the Jira dashboard regarding multiple queues, an user or an user group
    • Creating Jira issues with a flexible connection between the two systems
    • Connect multiple OTRS tickets with one Jira issue and the other way around
    • Subject and description gets transferred automatically
    • Possible configuration of
      • Shown columns, labels and information
      • status indicators
    • Keep track of connected Jira issues in OTRS
    • Create persistent ticket filter in gadgets (New in Version 1.8)
    • Support for OTRS Dynamic Ticket Fields (New in Version 1.8)

Use Cases

  • Integration of OTRS in Jira®
  • Project Management

Using Jira® and OTRS to handle service requests and project management? Try PrOps today and experience what this clever little Add-on can do for you!


Installation Requirements

  • Make sure you have the correct version of Jira and OTRS
    • Jira 6.1.1 and above
    • OTRS 3.1 to OTRS 7
    • OTRS 8 and above is not supported
  • In order to restrict the ticket view by user/usergroup make sure that the users that work with OTRS and Jira have the same usernames in both systems otherwise the add-on is not able to retrieve the queues assigned to the user/usergroup
    • eg: username john.doe both in OTRS and in Jira

Please note differing explanations for connections to OTRS 5 and 6 at some points and, if necessary, select the variant according to your OTRS version.

See also "Important changes in Version 1.13"

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