Converting a ticket to a Jira Issue

Converting an OTRS-ticket is child's play with PrOps. Click on the little Gear on the very right of your PrOps Add-On and select "Convert to another Jira issue".

If you already have an existing issue that you would like to connect your ticket to, please have a look at Connecting a ticket to a Jira issue.

Open the PrOps Context Menu


Sometimes you have to scroll to the right in order to see it, as it is on the very right of your table and depending on your screen and dashboard settings it simply can't be displayed all at once.

You also can do a right-click anywhere on the row to open the context menu.

The Convert Ticket Dialog

Now a pop-up dialog opens up within PrOps. Fill out all the necessary data, and click on either "Create issue" or "Create issue and go to OTRS", depending on whatever you personally prefer.

And that's already it. Congratulations you converted your ticket into a Jira issue.

What does it technically mean to "convert" a ticket?

1 When you click convert ticket, a new Issue will be created, based on some Information of the OTRS ticket.

The following fields will be mapped:

Ticket fieldIssue field
Title / SubjectSummary
First Article of TicketDescription

But you can also select the project, priority and assignee for the created issue

2 An article will be created in the OTRS Ticket with a link to the issue

3 Inside the Jira Issue a remote link to the ticket will be created with an OTRS icon

This way you can jump back and forth between the two interrelated objects.

Please note that there is no automatic synchronisation of the data afterwards.