How can I increase the performance?

The most expensive part is the loading of OTRS data. So every setting belonging to OTRS data can improve performance:

  1. Front-End
    1. The queues and how many queues you select. Queues can contain lots of tickets! So the less queues you select, the faster the loading will be.
  2. Back-End
    1. Ticket status: Limit the amount of tickets by status. You should only include status names that are relevant for viewing in JIRA
    2. Date range: Only include tickets that are changed within a specific date range.

Note: Only gadget-admins and JIRA admins can change these settings.

General performance factors:

  1. Make sure the OTRS server is not too slow
    1. Use a SSD instead of HDD
    2. Normalize the Database
    3. Index the Database
    4. Increase RAM of the Server
  2. Check that the network connection between the JIRA server and OTRS server is not too complicated and slow
 Queues in the gadget config screen are not showing. What can I do?

If you are in the gadget-admins group, you should be able to select OTRS queues in the gadget config screen.

When the list is empty, have a look at the checklist below.

 I cannot select a different user than mine!

 If you are in the gadget-users group, you only can see your own tickets.

 Why is my ticket list empty?

 This can have several reasons:

  • there is just no ticket for you at the moment. Lucky you! (smile)
  • your tickets have other statuses than the status filter in the back-end or front-end configuration
  • the checkbox "Responsible" is selected but there are no tickets that have you as the responsible
  • the selected queues don't contain tickets for you. Maybe change the queues?
  • problems with the OTRS connection. In that case, have a look at the checklist below
 Why are there not all statuses shown in the status field in the gadget?

Only status names that are contained in the resulting ticket list are shown.

For example if there is no ticket with the status "closed successfully" that status is not available in the status input field.

If you know that there are tickets missing, than the status filter in the back-end configuration filters them out.

An administrator can change the status filter.

 How can I change the ticket fields shown in the gadget?

In the back-end configuration of PrOps it is possible to add, remove and rearrange all available ticket fields.

In the advanced configuration section it is also possible to change the name of the fields.

 What does it technically mean to "convert" a ticket?

1 When you click convert ticket, a new Issue will be created, based on some Information of the OTRS ticket.

The following fields will be mapped:

Ticket fieldIssue field
Title / SubjectSummary
First Article of TicketDescription

But you can also select the project, priority and assignee for the created issue

2 An article will be created in the OTRS Ticket with a link to the issue

3 Inside the Jira Issue a remote link to the ticket will be created with an OTRS icon

This way you can jump back and forth between the two interrelated objects.

Please note that there is no automatic synchronisation of the data afterwards.

I checked everything but still get an error in the gadget!

A few customers have had this issue, and the problem was that Jira exceeded the maximum open files limit, so some Add-On's didn't work correctly.

To fix this please follow the steps described here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/health-check-open-files-limit-838555405.html

Checklist for a successful OTRS connection

  1. Make sure your OTRS server is online (obviously)
  2. Go to the back-end configuration page of PrOps and check that no OTRS Error is shown there
  3. Check that you provided just the base URL to your OTRS, e.g http://your-otrs/otrs/ or http://ip-adress/otrs/
  4. Check that you entered the correct SOAP user and password credentials
    1. The SOAP user must be created in OTRS (ADMIN→ SysConfig→ search for soap→ click on CORE::SOAP)
  5. Check that you, or the user that reported a problem, is in the desired gadget-group
  6. save
  7. When you see the status filter and date range input elements in the config screen the OTRS connection works!

Known issues

  • Converting tickets to issues only works with the default mandatory fields for creating issues. If you have other mandatory fields than the default ones, it won't work
  • Only tickets for JIRA usernames that have an equal OTRS username will be found