Important changes in Version 1.13

Only for OTRS 6

Note that these instructions are only needed if you use OTRS version 6 or above.

If you use an older version of OTRS, just select "OTRS 3, 4 or 5" in the PrOps Configuration and fill in the fields.

In Version 1.13, PrOps supports OTRS 6.
Since OTRS 6 disabled the legacy SOAP API, we had to switch to their new Generic Interface API (

Please follow these steps to activate the web services needed for the new version of PrOps


In order to use the new OTRS Generic Interface API, you need to manually import our web service file 'props-113-soap.yml'

Download our web service file from this page →




Log into OTRS with an user who has admin permissions

3.Go to System→Web Services
4.On the left, click on the Add Web Service button

5.Again on the left, click on the Import web service button

Choose the location of our downloaded file

7.Leave the name empty, or type "props-113-soap" as filename

Click the import button

9.The web service is now active and can be used in PrOps


Now go to PrOps Configuration Screen


Choose OTRS 6 or above as major version 


Type in an OTRS agent name and password

You could create an extra "props" agent in OTRS, with appropriate permissions to use for this field


Click the save button at the bottom of config screen


The connection will be tested automatically

15.After successful test you can also type in some status names for filtering


You have to click the save button again to persist the status filter

You have to save your configuration to automatically test it. After a successful connection could be established, you can also type in status filter and save again.

User interface changes

In the new OTRS API, there are some methods missing, namely user, status and queue methods, that we used in prior versions of PrOps to provide select lists for queues and other functionality.

Changes in PrOps Administration Configuration Screen

  • New field: Select major version of OTRS. This is important so PrOps knows which API to use
  • SOAP user and SOAP password is now Agent name and Agent password
  • Status filter has become a text input field where you can provide status names

Changes in PrOps Gadget Configuration Screen

  • Queues select list has now become a simple text input field, where you can type queue names to filter the ticket search
  • User / Group select list is also a text input field, but here you have to type OTRS Agent ID's, since the new API doesn't support usernames for ticket search filter
  • Responsible Checkbox is removed
  • Allow view: Allow non-gadget-admins to view this gadget if placed on a shared dashboard (see permission changes)

Permission changes

In the new version of PrOps, the role of Gadget-Administrators works a bit differently.

Users are now not permitted to add the PrOps gadget in their personal dashboard.

Instead, a gadget-administrator has to create a shared dashboard where he adds the PrOps gadget and ticks the "Allow view" checkbox.

Now it is possible for users to view the PrOps gadget in this shared dashboard.