it.JTMS - SAP Transports with Jira

This page offers a brief overview of it.JTMS - SAP Transports with Jira. Check out the configuration page for more details.


Integrated transport and development management with SAP and Jira.

Combine the strengths of SAP and Jira: With it.JTMS you can connect your SAP development process with Jira Workflows and thus gain maximum transparency for your entire project team. 

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SAP TMS meets Jira

Develop in SAP and manage your transports with Jira for maximum transparency. Easily follow the entire development process including documentation, open issues and project transports. 

Automatic creation of transports for tickets

Don't worry about the different stages of your development process. Simply move your Jira tickets along in your workflow and get the necessary transport automatically in SAP. 

Test your work on transport copies

Let QA test on transport copies so that the original transport is only released after testing is complete. That way no new transports have to be created when QA finds any bugs. 

More details

Get an integrated change management by linking your SAP Transport Management with ticket-based Jira workflows in projects. it.JTMS works as an interface between SAP and Jira and allows the entire project team and project management to keep track on the development process. 

Feature list

  • Smart transport management: A transport is created, copied or released when the status of a ticket in Jira changes
  • Maximum flexibility: Use your own Jira workflow  
  • Save time and enhance quality: Copies of transports can be created for QA automatically
  • More transparency: Complete overview of all transports regarding one project
  • Continuous traceability: Keep track of your tasks from requirement to transport and deployment to production 
  • Minimise risks: Support your development process with agile methods 

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